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  OnePoint MD is your complete Practice Management Solution!

OnePoint MD is a cloud based easy to learn and use practice management system, with focus on acute and post-acute care management. We provide provider patient sign-out, charge capture, provider scheduling, team rounding, and custom or default reporting. Great tool for medical groups, large and small practices, residents, and independent physicians. You can perform sign-out and capture medical billing charges quickly and securely on any internet enabled device while performing rounds. Admits, Consults, Visits, Discharges, procedures, and comments are real time for improved communications between associates and can be submitted to billing providers with one-click. Track the productivity of providers, mid-levels, PCP's and hospital or clinic locations. Use our unique and customizable scoring system or standard RVU to audit billing reports and even calculate employee bonuses.

OnePoint MD Doctor Groups, Hospitalists, Clinitians and Physicians save time!  
QUICK Admit, Consult, Visits, Discharge, Procedure
Provider Scheduling Designed for Medical Groups
Support for Multiple Facilities, Facility Types
Custom Reports, Charts, and Production Reports
Integrated Custom ACO forms for each patient
Unique Provider Productivity Scoring System
Support for RVU in Addition to Scoring
Customizable Discharge Management
PCP Referral Tracking
Automated MD/ML Assignment tool
One-Click Patient Sign-Out Reports
Easily Exportable Data for Your Billing Company

OnePoint MD can be up and running for your practice right away. No need for a computer specialist, programmer or any new hardware or software to install. An internet connection is all you need to access your practice's secure, customized OnePoint MD system from the hospital, the office, home anywhere!

OnePoint MD is customized to fit the needs of your program or practice to make it the perfect solution. Custom reports, forms, fields, views, workflow, and rules can be setup for your group or care teams.

OnePoint MD is not only great for providers, but great for billing companies as well. We offer a wide range of services and package pricing to billing companies that choose OnePoint MD for their provider and mid-level charge capture solution.


OnePoint MD

OnePoint MD is available with any internet device
Getting around is easy in your OnePoint MD system! A navigation panel is always available to move from screen to screen with just one click. Your Hospital Patient Census views, customized for your practice, are also just one click away. Click a button to add a new patient card, print the current list, perform quick searches and more! You can easily drill-down for additional patient detail.


Entering data for a new Patient Card is one of the few places in the OnePoint MD system where you actually need to use your keyboard instead of clicking the mouse. But there are just a few items to type in, and if you forget something that is required, the system will make sure you get it right. You can optionally include specific comments for reminders or to alert your team about important information. There are custom drop-down menus to make the process even quicker - patient diagnosis (with standard codes) can also be selected from a list without any typing. File attachments may be added to the Patient Card to store documents, pictures audio and/or video. Adding the Admit, Initial Consult, Visits or Discharge information is just a click away...


Once the initial patient data has been entered, you don't need to re-enter any data for the Admit, Consult, Visit or Discharge. In fact, no typing is required making it easy to complete this form in seconds! All the patient data is automatically inherited and the date is automatically calculated for you based on intelligent workflow. If you need to change the date, simply use the interactive calendar. Click the drop-downs to pick the MD/PA Billing Code and you're done.

Track the performance of your practice, providers, and billing partners with several custom reports. You get dynamic Census Reports for each of your facilities, Activity Reports for specific date ranges and selected providers. Productivity Reports include a unique scoring system that you can customize for your practice.

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